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The seventieth anniversary of the first discoveries at Qumran and elsewhere in the Judean Desert seems an opportune time to examine and review the rich field of Dead Sea Scrolls studies. The planned conference, October 25-26, 2017 – organized by the Institute of Biblical Studies at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland – aims at creating a platform for scholarly exchange concerning the present state of professional research into the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The contributions may deal with any topic related to the Dead Sea scrolls, be it archaeological, paleographic, literary, historical, social, biblical, or religious—in the widest understandings of those fields. The preferred approach is to present a particular theme from the perspective of the development of the related scholarly research, beginning with the first publications of a Qumran manuscript, or first/early interpretations concerning a particular topic related to Qumran research and biblical scholarship. Of course, other approaches or avenues of analysis will also be considered.

Your submissions should include the following information: name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and a 150-word abstract. The submission deadline is July 15, 2017. The written submissions and oral presentations (and abstracts) may be in either of the conference's two official languages, English and Polish. In some cases, translation from English into Polish will be provided during the sessions. The accepted contributions will be published in book form (by KUL University Press) as part of the official conference proceedings and, after undergoing a double-blind peer review process, as journal articles in the quarterly of the Institute of Biblical Studies, „The Biblical Annals“ (cf.

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